Yokattara Sushi was born from passion and real love for food. It was created by women who care about quality, customers, and the service provided.

Japanese cuisine’s unforgettable taste and precision can be seen in our kitchen where we transfer our love for quality into every dish.

We believe that authentic food has the power to connect people in local communities by the memories and stories they share.

‘Yokattara’ can be translated as ‘is it okay?’ and we want our customers to walk out answering with a definite ‘yes!’ leaving no uncertainty before their next visit to Yokattara.

Satisfaction and our customer’s experience are the most important values for us- we want our customers to say “I am glad I discovered this place”.

As a result, we strive to produce the finest quality while working with the best suppliers in the market. We continue to challenge ourselves to evolve our menu and provide the best service possible to our customers. Our sushi rolls are handmade on the spot, and rich in proteins, vitamins and fibre, with certified sashimi grade quality fish delivered daily. Yokattara sushi is trustworthy every day!

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